Civil Litigation

We handle litigation work at all levels of the court system and covering a diverse range of areas including commercial disputes, tax law, bank litigation, and realization of securities, insurance claims, road accident claims, building & construction claims, defamation, and various other forms of civil claims.


Employment and Labour law

The establishment of the Employment and Labour Relations Court (ELRC) under Article 162(2) of the Constitution was a commendable reaction to the exponential increase of labour disputes in the country. We litigate and offer advice on matters arising out of employer/employee relations including representation regarding preparation of written contracts, terminations, unfair dismissal claims, workplace internal disciplinary processes, redundancies, and retrenchments.


Corporate and Commercial law

We represent clients on corporate and commercial legal issues such as: commercial law litigation, commercial transactions, winding up and receivership, drafting and review of general commercial agreements, setting up of business entities, trusts, and charities, advising on regulatory compliance and statutory issues affecting business operations, among others. We draw from our litigation experience to prosecute or defend our clients’ interests before courts and tribunals on the above stated issues.


Public Procurement Law

Cognizant of the role that procurement of public services and goods play in the growth of the economy, our law firm continues to offer Firm profile 2022 3 legal services in this key area of national growth and development. We offer advice and representation in matters relating to the conditions, the manner, and the procedure for public procurement of goods and services as per the Public Procurement and Asset Disposal Act, 2015 and the regulations made thereunder. We continue to act for both foreign and local corporates to resolve disputes on public procurement at the Public Procurement and Administrative Review Board, High Court Judicial Review Division and Court of Appeal.

Land-Law, Properties-and-Conveyancing

Land law, Properties and Conveyancing

We handle land litigation and property transactions. To that end, we represent property owners, buyers, sellers, investors, and developers in relation to conveyancing transactions and/or land disputes. We harness our expertise to guide and advice our clients through all stages of property transactions with a view of limiting exposure to risks or disputes. We handle preparation and review of sale agreements, we conduct intense due diligence on land and title to property, transfer of title to land and properties, representation in any Land Control Board proceedings, land Registration Offices, Company Registry or any other Government Agency or fora involved in perfection of securities. We also render general advice regarding developments, building and construction, related issues, residential & commercial tenancy issues and all other legal documents relating to land and housing.


Family Law

Our advocates have wealth of experience in family law matters such as children custody and maintenance, adoption, divorce, division of matrimonial property, pre/post nuptial agreements, succession, and estate administration. Due to the nature of these disputes, we always seek to obtain the best results for our clients at reasonable costs. This entails narrowing down contentious issues and, where possible, settling cases early in the proceedings without sacrificing our client’s interests.


Compensation claims

We have a proven track record of successfully getting compensation for victims of road traffic accidents, workplace accidents and medical negligence. We also offer our services to insurance companies, employers and medical professionals who are parties to such claims.


Criminal law practice

We are available round the clock to anyone who needs legal representation in all stages of the criminal justice system; from the time of filing a complaint, during investigations and statement writing, after arrest and arraignment in court. We offer our services to complainants, victims or accused persons in criminal cases.

Constitutional-and-Administrative Law

Constitutional/Administrative Law and Public Interest Litigation

We will help you litigate and assert your constitutional rights against any public body for any violation of rights enshrined in the Constitution of Kenya.


Electoral Law and processes

We are well versed with the law and procedures applicable at the Political Parties Disputes Tribunal, the High Court Judicial Review Division and Court of Appeal with regards to disputes concerning political parties and their members.


Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

We have established a niche in other Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanisms, particularly arbitration and mediation. Our lawyers are experienced in ADR and continue to offer legal representation in this area while cognizant of the sensitivity of certain commercial and private matters and aim at achieving party-driven solutions.